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Singapore Hosts Inside Festival 2013

Earlier this month, Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel hosted the INSIDE Festival – an awards program specific to interior design for which around 400 projects from around the globe were submitted under 17 categories like culture, civic & community, house, museum, … Continue reading

24. October 2013 by Charu
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Dreaming about Yosemite and Cabins

This weekend my husband and I had a trip planned to the scenic Yosemite National Park in California which unfortunately had to be cancelled. As we’ve already been to the park once last year (check out the breathtaking views in … Continue reading

19. August 2012 by Charu
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Yay for Urban Greenery!

When I moved to Singapore as a college student nine years ago, the most attractive features of the city I noticed were it’s lush greenery and cleanliness! Despite being a small island nation (roughly the size of San Francisco city … Continue reading

21. July 2012 by Charu
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To Boston & New Orleans!

I’ve had the opportunity to visit many exciting destinations within the USA this year! It began with Mendocino in the northern coast of California, followed by Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. My recent adventure led me to Boston and New Orleans … Continue reading

10. June 2012 by Charu
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Yas Please!

In 2010 while pursuing a potential design project, I had the opportunity to visit Abu Dhabi and the Yas Island there. In addition to it’s many leisure and entertainment attractions, the island boasts the Yas Viceroy Hotel designed by the renowned New York based … Continue reading

19. April 2012 by Charu
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