About this blog

Charu GurejaHello, my name is Charu Gureja. I’m an interior designer, passionate about interior spaces, architecture, furniture, lighting and art. Generally speaking, I enjoy anything and everything related to art and design! Growing up in countries like Egypt, Japan, Sri Lanka, India and Singapore, I’ve come to appreciate a wide variety of design principles. Through this blog I hope to share my creative projects, findings, thoughts and tips about design with other design aficionados!

Having spent 8 years studying and working as an interior and lighting designer in Singapore, I moved to San Francisco with my husband in 2011. He is a tech geek at heart, a perfectionist by nature and inspires me to become better at everything I do! I also love teaching kids in my spare time and am beginning to love the outdoors in sunny California.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy reading!

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