Guest Post: 6 wonderful ways to decorate a kid’s bedroom!

Happy Holidays everyone! Here’s another fun guest post for you guys and it’s for a room where you can really stretch your creative muscles: the kid’s bedroom! This post is by Farthing, an online retailer based in the UK offering a collection of handpicked furniture and home accessories with a vintage as well as contemporary appeal. Check them out here and also be sure to check out my Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration on kid’s spaces! Hope you enjoy this post, let me know your thoughts in the comments below :).

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Whether it’s the nursery, the bedroom of your toddler or preschooler, you don’t need to break the bank to decorate and personalize their room. Depending on your taste and their preferences, you can let your creativity run wild and improvise a myriad décor pieces. From repurposing pieces of furniture you are no longer using to rolling up your sleeves for a DIY, these are 6 wonderful ways to decorate your kid’s bedroom.

1. Create a Mini Art Gallery
Wall art galleries are an affordable and cool way to personalize your child’s room and make it feel their own. A mini art gallery doesn’t have to take up an entire wall. It can fill up blank areas between shelves or above a chest of drawers. The beauty of this décor idea is that the possibilities are endless. You can scroll through thousands of photos on Pinterest for inspiration and create a mood board to help you decide on your choices. Whatever theme or color you opt for, make sure you plan everything out before you start drilling holes or cutting fabrics.

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You can hang anything on the wall ranging from photos and pictures to mirrors and objects that have sentimental value. For instance, your baby’s footprints in a frame, your kid’s first drawing, your baby’s ultrasound or their first pair of shoes can all become ornaments. Test out your gallery by laying everything on the floor. Experiment with the arrangement and the spacing until you’re happy with the results. You can then proceed to sticking everything to the wall.

2. Use Patterns and Textures to Accessorize the Room
There is no easier way to bring your kid’s bedroom to life than by adding patterns and textures. Colorful decorative cushions and throws not only make the space feel cozier and more welcoming, they also provide a safe place for your child to play, grow, experiment and learn new things on a daily basis. Patterns and textures give more dimension to any room.

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For a nursery, you get to decide the color scheme and to pick between vibrant or subdued shades. However, if you’re decorating your toddler or preschooler’s bedroom, make sure to take their input into account. Browse bedroom accessories together and ask them how they envisage the ideal room. If you’re too afraid of a crazy, incoherent outcome, select two or three choices that you love and approve of and then let your kid point to the winning one.

3. Embrace an Eclectic Look
Decorating a new bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to be mindful of your purchases, collect pieces of furniture over time and embrace an eclectic look in your kid’s bedroom. Matching furniture sets can be super pricey and most of the time they are not worth the investment as kids grow very fast and your taste might change down the line.

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If you’re missing certain pieces, consider making a trip to the thrift shop or looking online for second hand furniture. You are bound to find a plethora of bargains that are still in mint condition. You can also repurpose old furniture you already own. For instance, an old armchair and an ottoman can become a cozy nursing chair and a low chest of drawers can become a changing table for your baby.

4. Take Advantage of Online Shopping
Having the Internet at your fingertips 24/7 offers not only unlimited inspiration but also dozens of virtual marketplaces you can access from the comfort of your sofa. For unique, handmade pieces, check out Etsy. This online shop comprises thousands of sellers from all over the world who put their services at your disposal and offer furniture, décor pieces and handmade clothes.

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By using a marketplace like Etsy not only will you support small, independent businesses but you can also acquire custom made, personalized items. Think embroidered pillow cases or throws, handmade paintings and wooden toys. Another benefit of shopping for your kid’s bedroom online is that no one will pressure you and make you rush into a decision. You have all the time in the world to browse hundreds of furniture pieces and décor objects and select the ones that fit the bill.

5. Create the Small Details with Your Own Hands
Do you own a sewing machine that’s been gathering dust in a corner? This is your chance to bust it out and use it again to make wonderful little things for your kid’s bedroom. You can instantly elevate a boring glider with an updated cushion made with your own hands. If you’re not a big DIY fan, you can still find foolproof projects that will beautify the room and give you the satisfaction of having a handmade décor item.

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The beautiful part about this décor idea is that you can involve the little one. You can spark your child’s creativity by asking them to help out with a DIY. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated and the tasks can be as small as asking them to pass the glue. The décor items you’ll create together will not only be budget friendly but will also be cherished for years to come.

6. Experiment with Paint or Wallpaper
One of the easiest ways to completely change the mood in your kid’s bedroom is to repaint or add a new wallpaper. Painting the entire room can easily be achieved in one day and there is a multitude of shades to choose from. However, you don’t necessarily have to stick to one color. You can create stripes using three to four complimentary colors or shades. You can create patterns using tape and you’ll be amazed by the polished look you can achieve.

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Wallpaper also offers a wide range of options but you will probably need to hire a pro to smoothly apply it onto the walls. As with painting, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can add wallpaper to a single wall or just to a small certain area. Wallpaper is great for giving your kid’s room an instant focal feature and is easy to remove and replace next time you want to decorate the bedroom.

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