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I’m back with a fresh post after a loooong hiatus – during which we got pregnant, had our beautiful baby girl and now we’re finally starting to get into some semblance of a routine (well…as much as a 7 month old allows)!

Just wanted to stop by and share how I created the artwork below. I worked on this back in 2016 and even started writing this post but clearly didn’t get around to posting it. Soooo here goes!


All I needed was a blank white canvas, some laminate samples (The ones I used were outdated and were about to be tossed out from our materials library at work!), Mod Podge (or any other suitable adhesive), paint brush and a bright paint (I used acrylic paint) to paint the background.

Using the laminate sample pieces I created a pattern I liked – took some fussing about till the hubby and I were completely satisfied. Once we were happy with the pattern, I started to glue the pieces down using Mod Podge one by one. Once all the pieces were secured down, I used bright yellow paint for the background to give it a modern aesthetic and make the wood pop! The yellow is also a great contrast to the teal blue wall we hung the art on. I painted all 4 edges of the canvas yellow as well so you don’t see any white surfaces.

You could use any shape, size or type of wood pieces or any other objects that can give your art some dimension – coins, buttons, mirrors, quilled paper perhaps?

That’s it folks, a very simple 3-dimensional art project which can be completed in an afternoon. Hope you enjoyed this go try it out and let me know how it goes!

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12. May 2017 by Charu
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