Five Stylish Space Dividers

While researching for privacy screens for a project recently I came across some amazing products which were worth sharing! Although I was mainly looking at options for commercial applications, these options are well suited for residential spaces too. Each of the products below has a unique geometry and can be a powerful design element in a space while also acting as a device to create visual separation. So in no particular order of preference here are the chosen five stylish space dividers:

1. 3form Parametre

The Parametre is a flexible textile partition that comes in a variety of circular and rectangular patterns. It’s fire-rated (Class A here in USA) and as shown on the images below, can be installed flush with the ceiling using a magnetic cross bar at the top and bottom, or suspended using a straight or curved rail. It comes in a variety of colors and is UV rated so it can be used as a window shade! It reminds me of cutting paper patterns using scissors as a kid…the repetition of simple geometric patterns is clearly quite beautiful!


3form Parametre Partition

3form Parametre Partition

2.Bloomming Facet

Bloomming is a modular space divider made of diamond shaped modules which can be joined together and moved independently offering infinite possibilities for creating patterns of your choice! I love the simple geometric shape and the fact that each diamond module rotates independently allowing the user to play with light and shadow. You can easily disassemble the system and take it with you if you move and reassemble! The material is also recyclable and UV rated.


Bloomming Facet - Space Divider

Bloomming Facet Space Divider

3. LagoLinea Weightless Shelf

Made by the Italian furniture company Lago, this is a slender shelving system which suspends from the ceiling (inspired by Stalactites!). It’s a stylish way to divide your space using a piece of furniture and the objects you place in it become the art! The image below demonstrates how the shelves save floor space while dividing two spaces and keep your belongings organized.

LAGO weightless

Lago Weightless Suspended Shelf

Lago Weightless – Suspended Shelf

4. Abstracta Aircone

The Aircone is a tapered triangular module finished in sound absorbent felt. The modules are joined together using plastic clips and come in a variety of colors. They can be suspended from the ceiling using a rail or applied directly to a wall to create better acoustics in a space while adding some dimension. Combining any number of modules allows you to create a variety of patterns to suit the needs of your space!




Abstracta Aircone Partition

Abstracta Aircone Partition

5. Abstracta Window

The Window is most suitable for public spaces where it can absorb noise as well as act as a display for magazines/brochures. Made of recyclable felt it comes in three neutral colors – black, dark grey and light grey. I think it’s a great solution for hotels, libraries and office lobbies!


Abstracta Window - Space Divider/Display

Abstracta Window Space Divider/Display

Hope some of these ideas fulfill the functional and aesthetic needs of your next project! Feel free to let me know if there are any others I’ve missed in the comments below.

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  2. This custom designed room divider with works well in a more transitional to traditional setting.

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  10. Lovely decor!! I was looking for some fresh design inspirations, and I think these space dividers will be perfect..Thank you so much for sharing this post …Feeling Inspired!

  11. awesome .. styles of space drivers… and specially Abstact view.. loved it.. 🙂

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