Chic Chairs for Entertaining

Today I’m excited to welcome a guest from the Arcadian Home Blog on PFOD! With the holiday season in full swing, I’m sure many of you are planning to entertain family and friends in the coming weeks. While you focus on planning the perfect menu for your guests, Mari from Arcadian Home is here to solve your seating conundrums with some great examples of chic chairs for entertaining. (Arcadian Home is an established retailer of furniture, lighting and other home accessories.) 

I hope you enjoy the post and have a delightful holiday season!

Hello, everyone! I’m Mari, here with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It’s a great place to find interior design inspiration for everything from beautiful buffet lamps to decorative pillows for the sofa or bed.

Today’s topic is chairs, specifically chic modern chairs that are perfect for entertaining. I’ve pulled together eight rooms with chairs that are beautiful and work well while making guests comfortable. Please enjoy!

Thanks to Charu for letting me visit for a bit.

~ Mari

Chairs for Entertaining

Ghost chairs are perfectly suited to large gatherings as they take up very little visual space making any room they’re in seem larger than it is. Here these clear armchairs work well around a long narrow dining table.


Chairs for Entertaining

Armless Ghost chairs look chic and elegant encircling a white Tulip table. Notice how light and airy the room feels giving lots of space to mingle.


Chairs for Entertaining

Bertoia wire chairs are also visually light, offering comfortable seating without impeding guest movement around the space. A modern pendant light in pure white is a great design choice over the sleek contemporary table.


Chairs for Entertaining

Dark and handsome Panton chairs may not be as light and airy as acrylic or wire chairs but they certainly are beautiful and comfortable. A conversation starter at any gathering.


Chairs for Entertaining

White Eames Eiffel chairs play well with other seating including an unexpected wide indoor swing. This large space is wonderful for entertaining.


Chairs for Entertaining

The Ant chair and its many look-alikes, one of which is seen here, offer another seating option that works beautifully in large or small spaces. These chairs are shapely, comfortable and space-efficient.


Chairs for Entertaining

Some chairs are designed with large-scale entertaining in mind. These beauties are eye-catching and stackable, which means they are perfect as extra seating for parties. When not in use they can be easily stacked in a closet or storage area.


Chairs for Entertaining

With simple table decor and desserts all set out, it seems a party is in progress. This great mix of modern chairs is tied together by sunny yellows hues.

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What do you think of these chic chairs? Leave us your thoughts below and stop by our blog for delightful home decor, mini pendant lighting and interior inspirations!

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11. December 2013 by Charu
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  1. These chairs are amazing! They’re so sophisticated and chic. I would love to have one of these in my living room. They would look fab with some plush pattern pillows and my favorite all season Peacock Alley blanket.

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