Poetic Forms by Matthias Pliessnig

15. October 2013

Wood – a traditional material, steam bent and expressed in striking, undulating forms which are both art and furniture at the same time. What’s not to love about pieces created by the American designer Matthias Pliessnig?


Matthias at his studio in Philadelphia [Image via matthias-studio.com]

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Matthias challenges the notion of using wood as a flat material. With the help of 3D modeling tools and a technology similar to boat building, he creates furniture and sculptures which appear feather light (to me anyway!) by virtue of their forms. I’m in awe, how about you?

Providence Chaise Lounge [Image via craftcouncil.org]

Providence Chaise Lounge [Image via craftcouncil.org]

Sketches [Image via matthias-studio.com]

Spill II seating, steam bent white oak [Image via Matthias Pliessnig's website]

Spill II Seating, steam bent white oak [Image via matthias-studio.com]

Concepts using 3D Modelling (Image via Matthias Pliessnig's website)

Concepts using 3D Modelling [Image via matthias-studio.com]

Embrasure [Image via jocundist.com]

Embrasure [Image via jocundist.com]

Ash [Image via thefabweb.com]

Ash [Image via thefabweb.com]

Do check out all of his other fantastic pieces here.

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  • DelMaria

    It was such a unique design. Looking so beautiful and amazing. You have got a great talent.
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  • Ellen Marshall

    These pieces are beautiful. How well would they work in the hospitality setting? Durability?
    Ellen Marshall ELM Designs

    • http://www.pocketfullofdesign.com/ Charu Gureja

      Hi Ellen, during my research I noticed that a lot of his furniture has been installed at various office lobbies and galleries around the US. Given that these are fairly high traffic areas and durability of wood as a material, I would think they would do great in hospitality settings :).

  • Isha goyal

    This is first time I ever saw this. Thank you for introducing this line of furniture!

    • http://www.pocketfullofdesign.com/ Charu Gureja

      You’re welcome Isha!

  • http://www.futomicdesigns.com/ Mamta Bajaj


    Its a very unique line of furniture. It definitely looks very very stylish & am sure wherever we put it would become the center of attraction. Can u give an idea of the price range?

    Mamta Bajaj

    Interior Designer