Living in the Now: From Philadelphia to Cabo!

We’ve been away from home for over 2 weeks now (hence the silence on this blog). First, attending my brother’s graduation in Philadelphia (which was planned) and the rest of the time in Mexico (which wasn’t part of the plan).

A day after arriving in Philadelphia we received the news that we’d need to complete some standard visa formalities and reenter the country in order for my husband to start his new job at Dropbox. So we bought a few extra clothes, booked our flights and hotels and off to Cabo (Mexico) we went!

The last couple of weeks have been a delightful mix of Mexican food, stunning beaches, water sports, margaritas and learning espanol! Our ‘forced vacation’ (as my dad rightly refers to it) is almost over but the adventure doesn’t end here! We’ll soon be moving to the lively city of San Francisco from the suburbs…yay!

I’ve learned this month that you can’t control everything (try as you may). However, you can make the most of every situation!


Amidst all this action, I promise to post again asap. Till then, hope you’re all living in the moment!

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01. July 2013 by Charu
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