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It’s Time to Kiss 2012 Goodbye!

Merry Christmas everyone! Although it’s the season of festivities and cheer, I’m sure many people, like me, take this time to reflect over all the wonderful and not so wonderful things that have happened in the past year. I’m thankful … Continue reading

25. December 2012 by Charu
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Bring out those Scarves Ladies and Gentlemen!

Scarves are my new obsession this season, so much so that I had to purchase an extremely useful and economical hanger from Ikea for my collection! Tying them is an art form of it’s own, as you’ll find out in this handy … Continue reading

21. December 2012 by Charu
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Green & Sexy: An engineer’s take on global warming and design

Sustainable design is an inescapable topic if you’re connected with the building industry in any way in the current times. I’ve written posts about the topic before and frequently come across interesting information by various architects and designers. However, Thomas … Continue reading

09. December 2012 by Charu
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